No. 2020-003: CHED and TEC: Working Together for Pre-service Teacher Quality (September 2020)

No. 2020-002: Strengthening the Teacher Education Council (September 2020)

No. 2020-001: Making Quality Practice Common Practice: Strengthening and Consolidating Structures and Processes to Enhance Quality Teaching and School Leadership  (January 2020)

No. 2019-002: Classroom Observation Tool Policy Notes (October 2019)

No. 2019-001: Curriculum Quality Audit (CQA) Policy Notes (October 2019)

No. 2017-003: Results-based Performance Management System (RPMS) Policy Notes (February 2017)

No. 2017-002: Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST) Policy Notes (February 2017)

No. 2017-001: Teacher Development Needs Study (TDNS) Policy Notes  (February 2017)