The Videos of Practice are non-print support materials for teachers. Each video contains illustrations of practice aligned to classroom observable indicators of a Proficient teacher career stage in the Philippine Professional Standards for Teachers (PPST).  These video support materials are developed to guide DepEd teachers in their quest for professional advancement using the four Proficient indicators.

You may also download the PPST Support Materials for Teachers in 24 Modules or learn more about the PPST.

PPST Indicator 1 4 2
Use a range of teaching strategies that enhance learner achievement in literacy and numeracy skills.

PPST Indicator 1 5 2
Apply a range of teaching strategies to develop critical and creative thinking, as well as other higher-order thinking skills.

PPST Indicator 2 3 2
Manage classroom structure to engage learners, individually or in groups, in meaningful exploration, discovery and hands-on activities within a range of physical learning environments.

PPST Indicator 3 1 2
Use differentiated, developmentally appropriate learning experiences to address learners’ gender, needs, strengths, interests and experiences.

PPST Indicator 4 5 2
Select, develop, organize and use appropriate teaching and learning resources, including ICT, to address learning goals.